Direct Pay Online, Visa partner with Strathmore University to recruit new users


 The Direct Pay Online Group and Visa have partnered with the Faculty of Information Technology at Strathmore University to provide e-commerce education and recruit new users.

The initiative dubbed, ‘10×10’, will provide the students with the skills to build an e-shop and connect it to the online payments solution, for successful e-commerce environments.  The DPO Group and Visa will provide support and a rewards programme for the developers where they will share 10% from all payments transactions from a website built by the developers and connected to the DPO payments solution for the first ten months.

“The DPO Group sees effective, high level e-commerce education as a key to the economic vitality in Africa.  Through access to education, our knowledge and support, we will enable vital skills development,” said Eran Feinstein, the DPO Group CEO.  “We want to support the professionalization of the online payments industry, which in turn will yield better service to online merchants and better uptake of e-commerce services.”

“Developing successful e-commerce sites takes specialist skills,” added Feinstein.  “Those who sign up for the programme will get access to free technical support and access to a simple payments service platform which is safe and secure.”

The 10×10 programme aims to equip young developers with sought after e-commerce skills over the next two years and the partnership with Strathmore University is the launching platform.  This will enable the expansion of the imitative across the continent.

Dr. Joseph Orero, Dean, Faculty of Information Technology, and Strathmore University said,  “We are delighted to partner with DPO Group, with this initiative, we will enhance the skills-set of our students for the much needed for e-commerce in Africa, and increase the number of entrepreneurs and would be entrepreneurs to grow businesses around new solutions.”

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Delaine Patrick, Visa’s Head of Merchant Sales and Solutions, Sub Sahara Africa, said the partnership with Direct Pay Online Group and Strathmore University is an ideal one that brings its collaborative approach to life through the innovative educational workshops with the aim of encouraging e-commerce in Africa.