raises $5 million to bring prescription drugs online in Kenya


After fulfilling regulatory requirements, Kenya’s MyDawa, an online platform connecting patients to drug stores has raised $5m from Ion, an Irish private equity to make it possible for consumers to purchase high quality healthcare, fitness and wellness products via their computers or mobile phones.

The platform, which went live last week, aims to an ‘Uber’ of health products a well as a knowledge sharing platform for health providers.

“We have a vision to bridge the gaps between healthcare providers (i.e. Drug manufacturers, doctors, pharmacists, Insurers) and consumers. As a health and wellness brand, we are committed to offering the best products, through our platform,” said MyDawa Founder Neil O’Leary.

MYDAWA does not charge any service fees, transaction or delivery costs and is meant to enable consumers get quality drugs at affordable prices while eliminating some of the challenges experienced in the pharmaceutical supply chain. First go9ing live in Nairobi, MyDawa will expanded across the year.

Pharmacy Poisons Board (PPB) Deputy Director Product Evaluation and Registration Directorate Dr. Dominic Kariuki commended the platform saying it will bolster the adoption of e-health solutions in Kenya. PPB has welcomed the move saying that it will provide affordable access to pharmaceutical products especially for patients with chronic illnesses and who require long term medication.

“As a regulator we have been looking at ways we can support the private sector to develop innovative ideas and technology solutions that will improve the quality of life and deliver effective services for Kenyans,” he said. “We are proud of this innovation as it seeks to address some of the challenges experienced in the pharmaceutical industry and it also provides the much needed technological solutions in the healthcare sector.”

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MYDAWA wil sell health care products and prescription drugs by asking users to upload the prescription onto the platform then allow for payments via mobile money, then the products are delivered to a pharmacy of their convenience. failed to convince the Pharmacy & Poisons Board to allow it to sell drugs online. Maybe just never had enough money to do it even if the founders had raised cash from 88mph but now that there is MyDawa, expect to see running on this wave.