No Charger in Sight: Tips for Making Your Android Battery Life Last Longer

Smartphones are getting better all the time, but one thing that users always seem to complain about is the battery life. While some phones are known for having good battery life, it never seems to be quite enough.

If you’re finding that your Android phone is not lasting as long as you want it to, and you are having to charge it up before the end of the day, here are some things you can do to make it last longer.

Turn Off Your Notifications

One thing you can do is simply choose a phone with a better battery (click here to find out about the Sony Xperia battery). But if you can’t do this, you may want to consider turning off the notifications that you don’t need.

You may receive notifications from various apps, and you should be able to turn these off individually if you still want to receive notifications from certain apps. Every time a notification is sent, this will use up your battery faster, so turn them off and keep your phone going for longer.

Don’t Use the Vibrate Setting

The vibrate setting is very useful when you don’t want to miss a notification or an alarm. However, if your vibrate is turned on, it will inevitably reduce the life of your smartphone’s battery. If you don’t need it, turn it off and save power.

Don’t Use GPS

GPS is a very useful function of modern smartphones, but it is also a battery drain. When it comes to boosting battery life, you will need it for certain apps, but when you are not using your GPS in a specific app, turn it off and this will keep your phone running for longer.

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Reduce Syncing

App syncing is another useful function of various apps. However, if apps are syncing very frequently, this can use up more battery power. Either turn off syncing for specific apps, or reduce their frequency to save energy.

Set Your Display to a Dimmer Level

A bright display can be very useful sometimes, and modern smartphone displays are incredible. But bright displays use up the battery quicker, so turn yours to a dimmer display if you don’t need it particularly bright.

Keep It Cool

If your phone becomes hot, this will use up more of the battery power. This can happen if you keep it in a case or leave it in the sunshine. So keep your phone cool, and this is an easy way to make it last longer.

Use Airplane Mode More Often

Airplane mode is essential when you are flying, but you can also use it at any time if you want to save your battery. By switching Airplane mode on, you will turn off all the functions including Wi-Fi and 3G, and this will help to save power.

Make Your Phone Last for Longer

These are just a few of the steps that you can take to make your phone last longer. If you constantly find that your phone is struggling to get to the end of the day, try out some of these tactics and see if you can get some extra power from it.

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