This Startup Is Bringing Beauty and Wellness Homes Across Nigeria Online


There are so many professional beauty and wellness homes across Nigeria. But one problem is that quite a number of them are yet to find their way online. Hence, Nigerians who are searching for services including hair, nails, face, body, bridal, wellness & Spa, salon and general makeover among others have to rely on their friends for recommendations.

This is about to end because GlamAfric is bringing beauty and wellness homes across Nigeria online.

Founded by Chika Uzor in July 2016, it describes itself as a platform where professionals can get a free platform to display their work, connect with new and existing customers and grow their business.

Meanwhile, for the customers, they can discover new services and providers, book home services online at affordable rates and get style inspiration. These Customers can simply enter their location and the service they want and from the results, they can select their preferred beauty and wellness home.