Wants To Connect Brands With Micro influencers


The cost of distributing adverts to targeted followers is quite on the high side and not many startups and businesses can afford. For a 60 seconds ad on Channels Tv, a leading Television station in Nigeria, in Lagos, it cost ₦46,077.05 for the 6.00 AM – 3.00 PM slot. Meanwhile, for Inspiration FM, another radio station, in the city, it cost ₦14,558.25 for the 60 secs super premium slot. There are other slots that even more expensive.

By the way, the traditional media is slowly declining as audiences are moving online. So, it not very advisable to advertise on a radio or Television if you want to reach your target audience.

Obviously, you can sponsor the advert on social media. But the problem is the ad reaching your desired audience and the cost.

This is about to change as wants to link brands with micro influencers that will assist them in distributing their Ads to their followers on Facebook and other social media platforms.

Josh Okezuo, who founded, said: “The game has changed. Modern day consumers are becoming increasingly blind to traditional media and the smart brands are now embracing Influencer Marketing. It is the ultimate in word of mouth marketing. We want to provide these brands trusted individuals talking about products they love to their like-minded friends and followers.”

He added: We have built a network of prominent Facebook micro influencers who are pioneering a new age in native advertising who would love to work with your brand and we handle everything from Ad campaign distribution to influencer recruitment and Ad analysis report.”

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To use, you should simply signup to create your own Facebook ad. You will be charged ₦0.15 kobo per Ad view on Facebook Ad with micro influencers. You can choose the number of views you want depending on how much you have. also have something for their followers as they will be rewarded with airtime any time they share ads.