Is Your Startup Involved in Social Activities?


We’ve covered a lot of subjects surrounding tech startups, businesses in general, and how to be successful in today’s competitive market. The market is growing at a steady rate, presenting plenty of opportunities for startups and entrepreneurs to establish a stronger business and pursue the same steady growth.

Let’s take a quick break from business topics for a while and take a closer look at the communities around our businesses. Do you have families who are struggling to make ends meet not too far from your new office building? Have you been paying attention to the education system in the community around you?

A startup is a concept founded on delivering values. Getting involved in social movements and investing in the communities around your business are things that should be part of your business strategy for several reasons.

Giving Back

The most basic reason why getting involved in social activities is a good idea is that need to give back. Whether you realize it or not, the neighborhood around your business is supporting your startup. At the very least, the community members have accepted your presence.

Connecting with these community members and helping solve social challenges around you will help take the relationship to the next level. You’ll be surprised by how many things need fixing and how much you can actually contribute to fixing them.

Growing as a Community

As your business grows, the communities around you can grow with it. This is a principle that should be the main focus of every startup; it is the reason why startups are so popular in the first place because like-minded people want to join forces and grow together.

This relationship doesn’t just work one way. Let’s say you’re facing difficulties; community members around your business will be the ones that come to the rescue first. Whether it’s building issues or an unwanted disaster, they are the one who will help you deal with the problem – and the aftermath – the fastest.

Better Team Building

There’s another benefit you can gain from participating in social activities: a better internal team. When you and employees are working on the same social project for the good of everyone, mutual respect, and a stronger connection (as a family) will also form in the process.

A lot of startup founders and key employees are now pursuing their own online MSW degrees from top names such as Rutgers Online. The masters in social work online program doesn’t only help you become a better community leader. The program lets you master essential skills such as project management and leadership as well.

I can continue with many other benefits, but the point I’m trying to make is simple: what goes around, comes around. There are plenty of communities that need the help of businesses around them. Integrate community development and social work into your startup’s workflow, find ways to help the people around your business, and you will be surprised to see the profound impact you’re creating in the neighborhood.