Edly aims to raise the standards of education by lifting the load off SA’s stressed teachers


Edly, a new cloud-based platform has launched in South Africa with an aim to raise the standards of education by lightening the load for SA’s stressed teachers.

Edly, developed by DataDIGEST, comprises three integrated apps based on the insight that better results are achieved when parents, teachers and students collaborate. The edly Behaviour and edly Attendance apps allow teachers to easily track, record and share with other teachers class attendance and student behaviour, while edly Note! sends real-time reports to parents.

According to DataDIGEST CEO David de Villiers: “We believe teachers are the key to a great education and that’s why we develop solutions that empower them in the classroom. Here in South Africa, social challenges and syllabi that keep changing are just some of the challenges teachers face. With edly we hope to at least help lighten their administrative load.”

Villiers says that Edly will open its platform to more developers to integrate more apps to save teachers time and make their job easier.

The platform is highly customisable, so schools can create their own unique presets to suit, for example, their particular code of conduct.

“DataDIGEST is passionate about education, so for us it’s a fantastic achievement to be able to contribute to its development through edly. We look forward to seeing the platform grow and giving every teacher in South Africa the opportunity to experience its positive outcomes in their schools,” concludes DataDIGEST COO Alastair Christian.