Get Realtime Traffic Updates In Lagos With GoSlowYarn


GoSlow is a popular slang in Nigeria that describes serious traffic. It is one major challenge many Lagosians and Nigerians in other major cities have complained about. For example, an average Lagosian spend an average of 4 hours in traffic. This is a waste of valuable man hours.

In certain cases, some Lagosians have to wait in their various offices late into the night to allow the road to free up before they go home as they do not want to get stuck in traffic. This can be quite dangerous.

Although the Lagos state government is making concerted efforts to ensure the free flow of traffic, there is more to be done.

To perhaps address Lagos’s notorious traffic, GoSlowYarn has been launched to provide live traffic updates to Lagosians.

Founded by Oluwatemilorun Isaac Akinbosede and Luqman Tobi Bello, commuters can get yarns from locations and routes they follow. In addition, they can tell others about the traffic situation where they are and use memes to describe these traffic situations.

Interested users should download the app, create an account and start yarning.

With this app, it is expected that the number of hours Lagosians spends in traffic will be significantly reduced and also less number of people will have to stay in their offices for the traffic to ease.