This Tanzanian is building an Amazon alternative after it ignored him


The US has its Amazon and eBay but its not so for most people from Africa.

Tanzania’s is an online platform giving its users access to the world’s top retailers by allowing then to buy from any global retailer around the world with ease.

Founded by Moustapha AlBaghdadi, takes care of online payments, logistics, and last mile  delivery and works like Kenya’s VituMob and BOX.

“Our concept is unique as we have opened a Coffee Shop (Physical stores) for our customers (Think Apple meets Starbucks),” Moustapha told TechMoran. “These have helped us build trust and in return build the business.”

Launched in Tanzania early 2016,  and growing fast ever since, Easybuyafrica’s vision is to bring the world’s markets closer to every consumer everyday, everywhere and to provide tools that will enbale their users play in the global retail markets instantly regardless of their location or current level of computer/internet knowledge.

Moustapha  says he was inspired to start the platform by the need to get things that are not available in the local market. He never wanted to start the site but after sending an email to Amazon asking them for agency in East Africa and receiving no reply he took up the task.

By providing local consumers the power of choice; allowing them to get what they want from more markets for example India, SA, France, Spain among others, the firm says its making a huge impact.

Moustapha says he plans to launch a new version of the website to allow our customers to search directly within the site, and introduce a wallet so they can keep track their transactions. These, he expects will increase their customer base apart form handling payments, logistics, awareness, Forex, shipments  and clearing.

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The Tanzanian firm is not afraid if eBay and Amazon finally launch in the country as its current model provides the customers with choice to buy from other retailers or directly from manufacturers such as Apple, Nike, Adidas among others.

Moustapha also believes that by the time the big players come to the local market (after finalizing other priority markets like GCC markets (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates) and South Asia for example) they will at least still need help in logistics, market knowhow, marketing, the right customer base and Easybuyafrica is likely to be the perfect partner for them.
At the moment, the firm makes money in fees, and savings from shipping and sees more opportunities as the model is already proven in markets like Nigeria & Egypt with players such as MallforAfrica & Edfa3ly.

To get closer to its customer base, Easybuyafrica aims to strengthen its cafe model for physical interaction and has set up monthly events dubbed Easy Friday where the firm connects with customers for feedback.

The site allows buyers to buy anything from shoes, car spare parts, clothing, computers, make up, machinery among others. is not afraid that

govts across Africa are trying to reduce imports and promote local products as the same governments need to take care of basic infrastructure such as electricity, roads, regional agreements and then move gradually from producing necessities to luxuries items which make up most of the imports.