ScholarX Wants To Connect Nigerian Students With Verified University Scholarships 

There are thousands of scholarships online that Nigerians can apply for. However, the problem is that it is difficult to find authentic scholarships let alone apply for them.

Even after you scale this hurdle and register, you may get stuck because of the requirements to apply and this has to a very large extent discouraged some Nigerians from applying for these scholarships. Thus, these scholarships get little or no applications.

Since scholarships are very key in assisting Nigerians to get higher education especially in foreign universities which some cannot afford, ScholarX is here to help.

Founded by Abolade Lawal, Abayomi Johnson and Maxwell Ogunfuyi in 2016, ScholarX is the simple, concise and effective scholarship matching platform that aims to assist students to find scholarships at home and abroad. Consequently ensuring that Nigerians access top quality education at any level in different parts of the world.

Commenting, Abolade Lawal said: “There are billions of scholarship funds out there not being claimed or having low application rates and we hope to connect Nigerians with these scholarships.” He added: “We plan to implement the same concept in Africa, one country at a time and Ghana is likely to be our next destination.”

You should download the app from Google or Apple play store. After downloading, you should create an account using your email address or phone number, then you should select the following parameters: gender, state, institution, faculty, course, CGPA, and click find. It automatically gives the list of scholarships that matches your qualification.

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