This Startup Is Helping Nigerians Find The Perfect Home


A 2014 national survey carried out by NOI Polls Limited showed that 51 percent of adult Nigerians currently live in rented apartments, while 31 percent claimed they live in their personal houses, which may have been built, bought or even inherited.

This statistic is true considering the number of people who are searching for apartments in Nigeria. This is perhaps why finding a befitting home to either buy or rent a home for them can be very tasking. Oftentimes, than not, you have to rely on agents to find a house. These agents who work in tandem with the landlord are only interested in the money they will accrue if you eventually agree to rent or buy. Thus, they are are very warm and congenial during negotiation. Immediately you rent the apartment, they vamoose and move on. If you have any complaint, they don’t care as far as they have been paid. This leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

Besides, there have been many cases of fraud whereby a landlord rent an apartment to different individuals. These are the shenanigans involved in renting an apartment especially in the city of Lagos. Of course, you cannot ignore the time you invest in searching for these homes.

This is about to change as MoovedIn wants to take away the hustle and stress involved in searching for a home in Nigeria.

Founded by Olasunkanmi Olatunbosun last year, intends to help you find your perfect home without stepping out of your bedroom. Users can search for homes at their preferred location as well as find verified and trustworthy agents.

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The real estate business in Nigeria is quite saturated as there are quite a number of major players in the game. Hence, moovedIn will be in direct competition with, and

Regardless, the property space is big enough for MoovedIn to thrive because Nigerians will not stop searching for homes ti rent or buy. If moovedin could get a reasonable percentage of the 51% who live in rented apartments, they will definitely be happy.