OgaAgent Wants To Connect You With Verified Service Providers


There are uncountable service providers offering a wide range of services to Nigerians. From plumbing to shoemaking, tailoring and other services, you will find them all over the place. However, the shortcoming here is that you are unsure of their expertise and quite a large number of them lack customer relationship skills.

Besides this, they are very unreliable and they can possibly take days before they respond to the service requested or demanded. In other words, they are not time conscious.

In certain cases, you may not want to deal with these individuals due to the aforementioned. You may result to an onlin search to get the services you want. The fact is the content of some of these listing websites are unverifiable. To, however, limit the stress of searching for service providers, OgaAgent has been established to help.

Launched in late march 2017, OgaAgent is a hyperlocal on-demand service advisory and virtual assistant platform that connects people with verified service providers.

With this new startup, potential customers don’t need to waste time searching and thinking of where or how to get it or who to hire or buy from. You only need to inform OgaAgent of the service you desire and they will recommend and connect you with the nearest verified providers to serve your request.

In addition to this, you will answer few questions about what type of service provider you’re looking for, as well as your needs and requirements or specifications.

OgaAgent services are currently available in Edo State and will expand to other parts of Nigeria very soon.