Xiaomi Mi VR Play 2 launched, costs $14 only 


Xiaomi makes good quality products and sells them at low unbeatable prices. They achieve this by mainly selling their products online and having almost no marketing budget. Today they are bringing the successor to the Mi VR play. 

The Mi VR Play 2 is much more refined compared to its predecessor. It has a new design that uses a cloth like material to make it more comfortable on the face and much lighter. 

Since Virtual Reality is very intensive in the processor, devices tend to get hot. To solve this, the Mi VR Play 2 has small holes in it for cooling purposes. 

Also, the mechanism of attaching the phone to the VR has been improved, it no longer uses the zip that the previous iteration had. 

Since this is a Xiaomi product, the price is expected to be very competitive, in fact it’s one of the the cheapest in its class. At only $14 (KES 1,400) you can get into the Virtual Reality world. The only catch is to wait for the device to be sold outside China, that’s the only market whose availability has been confirmed so far.