10 Kenyan Companies Which Have Fired a Huge Amount of Employees


What is the list of the KENYAN COMPANIES, which have fired more than 5,000 employees? What are the reasons for it? Read the article to learn the latest news.

The country has hard economic times. It leads to a big number of dismissals. People lose their jobs. 5,000 employees were dismissed in various companies. These are rigid times as national economy became better, but together with it, thousands of employees were dismissed.

Tuko News informs that about 10 companies have dismissed the employees as they seek to remain in an advantageous position in the existing economic circumstances. Nobody knows whether it is worth accusing the government in the circumstances. The list of the companies in which there was a big number of dismissals is given below.

  • Nation Media Group. The largest media the company caused a big shock over all the country after the dismissal of the senior editors and journalists in January 2017. Now a new dismissal threatens to about 50 employees. The company has also stopped a part of work of the radio and TV channels last year and dismissed several employees because of the developing economic situation.
  • East African Portland Cement Company. In November 2016, the company announced plans to dismiss 1,000 employees of 1,500 and to sell a part of the available place for KSh 8 billion to improve the company’s financial position.
  • Standard Chartered Bank. In November 2016, the bank declared dismissal of 300 employees to move a part of production to India for implementation of the plan for restructuring.
  • Equity Bank. The bank has announced plans to dismiss 400 employees to reduce expenses of the enterprise.
  • Postal Corporation of Kenya. Postal Corporation of Kenya has developed plans about the dismissal of 2,000 workers for the restoration of the company and increasing its profit.
  • Sameer Africa. The company, which is engaged in the production of tires, has made the decision to close the factory in August 2016, having left 600 employees unemployed.
  • Kenya Airways. One of the largest national air companies dismissed 36 workers in 2016, trying to keep the stable profit of the company. Earlier the plans of the company included dismissing 80 employees. Its previous plan was to fire 600 more employees.
  • Royal Media Services. Media and RMS have mentioned hard times. Last year the company has dismissed 100 employees, having reasoned it with crisis times.
  • Airtel Kenya. The telecoms company has fired 60 employees in 2016. Also, its plans include dismissing 84 employees in 2017 to remain profitable.
  • Telcom Kenya. The company, which works in the sphere of mobile communication, has announced plans to dismiss 500 employees from the total amount of 1,600 people to save income and stability of the company.

This is an incomplete list of the companies in Kenya. Here you have learned about the largest companies, which have freed a large number of employees.