10 Best Blogs for Personal Transformation and Happiness


We all want to lead a life that is exciting and happy. Don’t we all? With all the stresses of life we face every day at work and in our personal lives, it is good to find avenues to blow off steam and get the zeal for and excitement back to our lives. In other words, find ways to transform ourselves and lifestyles to achieve the happiness that we all desire and deserve.

There is so much information out there, especially in the blogosphere about how to achieve so many things we want in our lives, and certainly how to be happy. I went on an online journey to find out which of these blogs actually offer the remedy to happiness; a holistic approach to attaining what we are looking for. You will never be happy by dealing with only one aspect of your life, happiness can only be achieved through a holistic approach where every aspect of your life is catered to and nurtured for wholesome happiness.

Here are the 10 best blogs by Grademiners for transformation, excitement and happiness:


This is a blog of the popular and world famous TedTalks series which tackles everything from science to welfare. This blog has information, talks and discussions on topics that will certainly open your eyes and help you transform your life for happiness. Get information about forgiveness, fulfilment, personal happiness, well-being from some of the best researchers, life coaches, personal stories etc.


I would simplify this name to mean the mind, the body and money☺ ; the three elements of our lives! Well, my interpretation, not the blogger. MindBodyGreen is a lifestyle blog that is basically a one stop for the things required for a happy life; you will get articles touching on general well-being and happiness.

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Fulfillment Daily

I think I get where the name is coming from; daily fulfilment inevitably leads to happiness. This blog will teach you how to cope with daily life by teaching you how to get inner peace, be resilient to daily challenges, mood control, and give you insights on relationships management and improvement. These are indeed the recipes for happiness, and the postings are backed up by scientific data and research findings.

Tiny Buddha

Tiny Buddha is the kind of resource that will meet the needs of many; it is a blend of light tips and in-depth information to transform your life. You get inspirational quotes for instant gratification and motivation that you can easily share with others, as well as more detailed articles about happiness, relationships, romance, work etc.

Greater Good: Science of a Meaningful Life

Courtesy of the University of California, Berkeley, Greater Good is both an academic resource destination as well as a blog whose main aim is to make the most out of academic knowledge for the pursuit and attainment of a better life. Being a college blog, the creators certainly had in mind the idea of propagating the concept of work or school- life balance and it promotes proven concepts like mindfulness, gratitude, altruism for self-transformation and social good which should ultimately lead to a happy life.


This is a concise and straight forward blog, much like the Zen philosophy; it is a simple blog without much in visuals, but do not let that fool you. There is such insightful content here – easy to understand and thoughtful pieces on behaviour and habits required for a happier life. Its Zen-like simplicity boosts its intimacy and insightfulness and has been voted among the best in its category.

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The Utopian Life

What better place to find happiness than the elusive utopia. The content of t this blog are just as uplifting and promising as the name; being both a wellness community and blog it has a rich and varied collection of articles on topics such as wellness, diet, happiness, nutrition,  peace of mind etc. Apart from just being able to read, you have the chance to exchange ideas and experiences within the community.

Elephant Journal

This is probably the blog that is uniquely dedicated to the question of what to do for a better life; it focuses on the key attributes that will make you happy wholesomely. It is run by a Yoga practitioner, so you can imagine how fulfilling the advice you will receive can be on topics about meditation, family, the pursuit of happiness etc.


With this blog, you are assured of getting hacks on how to better your life and transform into a happy person; even though its backbone is technology, it is surprisingly heavy with information and tips about attaining a happy life, especially through its DIY guides.


Indeed, no one evokes happiness more than mama, and this blog lives up to that. A wellness and natural living blog, you will get information that is sure to guide you to living healthy and getting happiness in the process. A simple healthy lifestyle will give you happiness.


Check out these 10 blogs for exciting, positive, transformative information that is guaranteed to make your life better and happier.