This is VR In The Not So Distant Future


You’ve probably heard of virtual reality by now. After all, virtual reality headsets were one of the most popular gifts given on Christmas 2017. These headsets are known for making gaming a very real experience, but VR could do more than change gaming in the not so distant future. Do you want to know what VR is set to look like? Read on!

A Bricks And Mortar Shopping Experience In The Comfort Of Your Own Home
There’s two kinds of shopping: online and offline. What if virtual reality could help you to bridge the gap and overcome the limitations that each offer? Going offline allows you to see things for yourself and try them on, except you have to leave the house and expend lots of energy to find what you’re looking for. Online shopping is simple and can take seconds, except you can’t really see things for yourself or try them on. With virtual reality, you can have a bricks and mortar shopping experience in the comfort of your own home, whatever it is you’re looking to buy.

What About Shop Assistant?
You’re probably wondering what the deal will be with shop assistants. It’s expected that a virtual representative, almost like a bot, will be there to help fill in for the role of a traditional shop assistant.

VR and AR
In the not so distant future, both virtual reality and augmented reality will go hand in hand. Take a look at the following infographic to get a better idea of how it could affect you!

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