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WhatsApp will soon let you pin chats at the top of the conversation list.

by Dennis Mathu
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WhatsApp has been releasing features left and right nowadays, just the other day, it brought back the text based status update and now its readying itself for yet another new feature.

You know how new messages keep pushing your last conversation down the list of chats, well that will be solved in the next WhatsApp update. You can now pin chats at the top of your list so that you do not have to go scroll-searching for that person you frequently text.

This feature was found in the WhatsApp Beta app. Currently, you can only pin 3 chats, if you try to go for the fourth one, you will get an error message. It’s not clear if WhatsApp will allow more than 3 of them in the final version. This feature is found in other SMS apps as well, and in those, there is no limit of pins. I guess if they would let people have unlimited pins, it would mean that new messages from unpinned people would go unnoticed since they appear much lower on the list.

Fortunately, just like most WhatsApp features, you can opt in or out of any new additions. We applaud this feature and hope it comes along with the one of revoking sent messages. It would be very flattering if that person you have eyeing pins your chat.

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