Nigeria’s launches to be a certified learning platform for busy professionals

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Qualify is an E-learning platform that has launched to offer users access to a flexible, time effective and cost effective professional courses online in a move to help them develop their skills and build their careers.

Launched Mark Afolabi, the platform aims to prepare its users to stand a better chance in the overcrowded labour market.

“Qualify provides access to the best certification courses online partnering with institutions to make courses extremely affordable  and flexible. We aim is to bridge the gap which exist between learning, self improvement and career advancement as reaching for best professional certified course’s can be tedious most times considering so many factors ranging from  time, cost, energy and many more but with Qualify, all the worries are tackled and sorted.”

According to the firm, the online learning community will see learners access e-learning resources such as business management, risk and insurance, project management, entrepreneurship among others at a fee lower than physical locations. These courses are provided partners from local institutions and publishers who are selected and vetted in person.

“The workplace is fast changing from every old way of operation to new ways. It’s very important to keep up with the new learning and skills to remain in the competition. Whether working for yourself or for an employer, new skills and information keeps you in the workplace competition. Learn on qualify to improve your skills and to give you the best knowledge you could ever get,” said Afolabi.

According to a report by MarketsandMarkets, the global higher education market which comprises software and services is expected to reach USD 70.62 Billion by 2020. Various players are rushing to have a piece of these market. The report adds that the higher education market is experiencing an evolution from the traditional way of learning being replaced by digital and distance learning.

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“Over the last decade, institutions have moved to digital teaching and in doing so, have adopted student-to-technology methods. Higher education institutions are evolving at a fast pace, with universities encouraging immersive and interactive ways of teaching. Colleges and universities have integrated learning management systems and student information systems to ease the overall workload within the campus. In the coming future, universities are expected to be more concerned about the IT security within the campus, as an open network in the form of internet is available to the students and faculty,” added the report.

Qualify can be part of this evolution by providing its learners with the best courses ever found online and by increasing partnerships locally and internationally.