selling adult diapers online to break stigma and reach more users


Almost everyone knows about diapers and how helpful they are when it comes to dealing with pee and poo (the results of usual bladder and bowel bowel movements).

What a lot of people don’t know is that there are also diapers that are tailor made for adults and designed to handle the significantly higher amount of urine and feacal excrement produced by adults.

Adult diapers are mostly used by adults who have incontinence (poor or no control of their bladder or bowel movements). They are also used by people who are bedridden or in wheelchairs as they might not access the toilet independently.

There is a lot of stigma associated with the use of adult diapers. This has caused some suppliers to refer to them as adult  “briefs” instead of “adult diapers“.

Manufacturers have therefore designed unisex adult diapers for use in a similar way to underpants. They fit different waist sizes and capacities and are easy and comfortable to use.

They can also be used for long journeys (when there are no reliable toilets along the journey) or flights (pilots or astronauts). They can be used by long distance drivers, guards or the military (during missions) to keep them from stopping for short calls. They are also very useful anytime access to a toilet is unavailable.

Kenya’s Marvel Five Investments Ltd aims to end the stigma in Kenya and take the use of adult diapers mainstream. Marvel Five Investments Ltd manufactures Comfrey Adult Diapers which are the country’s best-selling diapers. The adult diapers have highly absorbent polymer layers, are well ventilated and very hygienic. The diapers are also leak-proof with leak guards on the sides.

Comfrey Adult Diapers can be used by both male or females and have fastening tapes that help fasten the adult diapers on to those wearing them for a firm but comfortable fit. The fastening tapes don’t lose their stickiness even after tons of fastening and refastening.

Comfrey Adult Diapers come in different waist sizes and are available online and in most supermarkets in Kenya.