Intelli Is Enabling Nigerians Find The Best Prices For Goods 


With the trending economic situation in Nigeria, prices of goods and services have skyrocketed. Unfortunately, when there is an increase in price it never reduces.

Hence, if you visit a market or departmental store today, you are unlikely to purchase everything you want because money is not enough and it is outside your budget.

Regardless, in some cases, you may be buying the goods at an outrageous price when compared to others. Luckily, there is now an app that you can use to compare the prices of goods and products so that you can get the best price. It is called Intelli.

Intelli is an app that helps people find the best prices for goods. Users can search over 4 million goods and products on the app which is available online and offline on both Android and iOS.

Cofounded by Temi Adeoye in 2016, users only need to scan the barcode of the product they want to buy and a list of stores where you can purchase them will be made available to you alongside prices. Alternatively, you can simply search for the price of the product you are looking for.

Well, we tested the app and found that using the search option took forever to respond. This may probably be due to the network. The scanning of the barcode is perhaps the best option. We scanned a laptop charger, it captured it but it was not available.

The problem with the scanned barcode is that you need to have the product in your hands to scan. For this, except a friend has a similar product, you have to visit a store to scan the good. Maybe you have to be patient with the search option so that it can load.

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This is a wonderful app if effectively deployed. However, the developers have a very long way to go in ensuring the maximum and speedy performance of the app. This is because shoppers are very impatient and may not have the luxury of time to wait.