Hubrif Launches to Help Filmmakers Promote Their Movies


For upcoming filmmakers looking to promote their works and gain recognition, they can now use Hubrif to reach more audience.

Hubrif is an online video platform for filmmakers and audiences of African short films. Built and designed by filmmakers, the platform allows lovers of African films to search for and stream their favourite movies, and also allows filmakers publich their movies for wider exposure

Hubrif partners with filmmakers seeking online marketing, with the goal of sharing their films across the digital space as far and as wide as possible. It further seeks to help filmmakers by partnering with African film festivals to exhibit streamlined and curated festival selections before, during, or after the festivals.

From Experimental, Comedy, Drama, Sci-fi, Documentary, Action down to Animation, filmmakers can submit any genre, as long as it is is considered an African Short Film.

According to the founders, “the most predictable step any filmmaker will take after their short film has successfully toured film festivals around the world is to finally release the movie online. Currently, the filmmakers’ best bet is to put the video on YouTube or Vimeo as these sites have millions of visitors daily and so expect his film to be seen by millions of people. Unfortunately, on these platforms our amazing short films get lost in a myriad of cat videos and personal comedy clips. The problem is that these sites have generally evolved not to really support short films.

This is the gap that Hubrif wants to fill! African short films are hard to find online in a ready-made community-like website. It’s time we have a home where the world can easily go to and find our stories to watch.”

The platform boasts of a catalogue of 150 curated short African films and achieving a feat of getting seven filmmakers into the Africa International Film Festival.

This is great for the film industry. It’ll not only help create more success stories amongst filmmakers, but also help to promote the African film industy to the world.