Here are the startups pitching at Nailab’s Leap2 pitch event next week

The Nailab, LEAP², Close the Gap and 1%Club will hold their Leap2 Pitch event at the Nailab on 4th July 2017 to identify young entrepreneurs and give their innovation a boost by crowdfunding and working on a business case of their choice.

The ten innovations selected will, guided by a professional coach, work on a business case of their choice and crowdfund for one month. Besides knowledge and the crowdfunded amount, this will also give them exposure.

The LEAP² Innovation Challenge is a great and unique way for you as an entrepreneur to work together with corporates and get in touch with impact investors. At the same time, the young entrepreneurs will get to expand their knowledge, skills and network and connect them with passionate coaches and partners and consultants.

The innovations that will be presenting are:


Extend fetal and maternal pregnancy monitoring throughout critical stages of pregnancy to be able to enhance early detection and reporting of danger signs and onset of problems for timely life saving interventions to mother and the baby.


brings together solar and mobile technology to provide affordable, clean and bright energy to off-grid population in Kenya. Pawame’s solution and mission is a pay-as- you-go Solar Home System that enables customers to (a) immediately benefit from clean and affordable electricity, while (b) building a credit history that can unlock access to other life-changing products and services, like scholarship loans and micro-insurance. Thus, Pawame delivers more than just energy.

Afya plan

A platform using table banking for self help groups to parents in rural and urban poor areas to counter out of pocket expenditures for the acquisition of child health care services ultimately reducing child mortality rates .

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Emeden Kenya Farmers Market Link

An innovation that uses cloud technology to resolve challenges faced by smallholder farmers by providing a one stop shop to smallholder farmers to engage the market with ease in the comfort of their farms using mobile phones, while at the same time accessing top notch capacity building and technology transfer as well as financial improvement services.


Ebursary connects bright African students to scholarships and bursary opportunities from across the globe.

Esvendo social inclusion project

Esvendo is a platform that seeks to increase access of sanitary towels through easy to use vending machines, resulting to increased access of sanitary towels for girls in rural and peri-urban areas .

Deafine Connect

Creats a world of possibilities for the Deaf in Kenya by sending text messages in bulk to the Deaf for them to access real time information on Health, Education, Justice, their rights and employment opportunities.

Btrack global

A solution enabling Boda Boda riders in Africa to track their Boda Bodas through the phones for recorvery on theft and also when in operation.

Msoma Platform

Msoma aims to bridge the literacy gap through mobile technology in areas where mainstream school system are unavailable or unattainable. The innovation achieves this through utilizing basic mobile technology .

Chanjo plus

a digital vaccination platform that aims to track vaccine defaulters and improve the quality of data collected.

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