7 Email Marketing Challenges You Will Face (And How to Overcome Them)


Email marketing can be more challenging, but the reward is often worthwhile. With the right tactics and tools, you can create effective, personalised emails that aid customer journeys time and again.

  • Engagement

Campaign Monitor’s survey found 44% of marketers believe increasing engagement rates is their biggest hurdle.

Solution: Embark with personalization and segmentation to create relevant, targeted emails via automated customer journeys.

  • Acquisition

35% also stated customer acquisition is their greatest challenge.

Solution: Email marketing automation tools can create relevant messages that can turn a subscriber into a loyal customer. Email is 40x more effective at attaining new customers than Facebook and Twitter.

  • Retention

18% believe customer retention is their biggest marketing hurdle, which could be due to decreasing attention spans.

Solution: Developing relevant content designed to complement an individual’s needs. In the words of Campaign Monitor, “cut the clutter and make an impact”.

  • Personalization

Personalization is also a major challenge for 36% of marketers.

Solution: Implement different marketing methods, such as segmentation, social media integration and individual messaging. Emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened. It can also produce a 760% increase in revenue.

  • Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is tough for 24% of surveyed marketers.

Solution: Utilize the right tools to measure where traffic is coming from. Spread the word about your brand to build trust and conversions.

  • Quality Data

54% of marketers are struggling to accumulate quality data for email marketing.

Solution: Create well-designed sign-up forms that ask the questions you need, such as gender and date of birth. Send offers relating to their past purchase history on their birthday.

  • Marketing Costs

20% of marketers also believe marketing costs are their biggest feat.

Solution: 40% of surveyed marketers have a marketing budget less than $50,000 per year; so, look for a reliable tool that offers flexibility, affordability, personalization and customization.

All the hard work is paying off, with 84% of marketers saying their email effectiveness is growing.


Email Marketing Strategy Challenges of the Modern Marketer - Infographic by Campaign Monitor

Source: Email Marketing Strategy Challenges of the Modern Marketer by Campaign Monitor