7 Things to Expect from Future Healthcare


Healthcare research and advancements are changing our quality of life for the better before a person even receives a diagnosis. We are therefore looking at seven things we can expect from healthcare in the near future.

  • Preventative Medicine

Many medical establishments are storing electronic medical records in the cloud, which allows healthcare tasks to become available online. As a result, it will become easier to detect early symptoms and changes, as the sensors will inform patients to care for their body before they become sick. While this technology remains in the early stages, it may become the forefront of medicine with further investment.

  • Robots

Predictive data will allow devices and robots to perform various healthcare tasks alone. For instance, the San Francisco Medical Center uses Eve, an Aethon-built robot, to deliver supplies and samples. As a result, this could become the norm in many healthcare practices in the not-so-distant future.

  • Improved Data and Diagnosis

Many doctors are already using high-tech computers and devices to improve the standards of healthcare. However, data will soon become at the forefront of modern medicine, as it is expected to become more readily available. As a result, a physician can use this extensive information to diagnose and treat patients at a faster rate effectively.

For instance, the X Prize Foundation is providing $10 million to the first team who can deliver a tricorder. This is a hand-held diagnostic device that will be able to detect diseases, and it might be available sooner than you think. Dr. Peter Diamandis believes it could be created within the next five years.

  • Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana is already available in more than half of all US states, as it can effectively treat various health conditions, such as arthritis, cancer prevention and depression. With further research taking place to understand the different types of marijuana and their medical benefits, it may very well become a legalized drug across the world in years to come.

  • The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things could connect modern devices to predictive medicine. For instance, it may soon become possible to connect a person’s general health to their lifestyle. With data and technology advancing at a rapid rate, many entrepreneurs may be able to utilize new technologies to improve the patient experience.

  • Healthcare Collaborations

Medical researchers are expected to increasingly collaborate with innovative entrepreneurs to improve the healthcare sector. Their goal will be to identify how new technologies can fill any gaps in healthcare to stop, prevent or treat various medical conditions and illnesses.

  • Home Healthcare

Apps on the likes of Amazon Echo and Google Home may soon change home healthcare for the better. They are expected to soon talk to the Internet of Things devices within the home, such as wearable technologies, glucometer and blood pressure cuffs. What’s more, they may be able to run a daily healthcare check and can call emergency services by a person simply saying “Alexa, call 911”.