Farmcrowdy Is The Only African Startup Selected To Participate in TechStars Atlanta


Farmcrowdy, Nigeria’s first digital agriculture platform has been selected by TechStars Atlanta as one of the members of the 2017 Class to participate in its accelerator program in partnership with Cox Enterprises. This makes it the only African startup that will participate in the programme.

Farmcrowdy’s CEO, Onyeka Akumah said: “We thank God for the progress He has shown us so far. We are super excited about this opportunity and will be looking forward to learning more from the TechStars Community on how we can scale our efforts from 1,000 currently engaged small-scale farmers to about 10,000 small scale farmers in the next 12 months.

“We also hope to learn about building more relationships with key agro-players in and outside Nigeria in addition to the ones we have while taking advantage of and amplifying the government’s efforts to grow the Agriculture space in Nigeria.

“With the knowledge acquired, Farmcrowdy can encourage more youths and middle-class Nigerians to participate in Agriculture while being ‘farmers without a farm’ for the purpose of creating impact and getting returns.”

The other companies selected to participate in the 2017 class are:

  1. 2ULaundry | Charlotte, NC | On-demand laundry and dry cleaning services.
  2. Bloveit | Atlanta, GA | Curated date night experiences.
  3. Collider Tech | Chattanooga, TN | Stand-alone, end-to-end additive manufacturing technology.
  4. Farmcrowdy | Lagos, Nigeria | Crowdfunding for small-scale agriculture.
  5. Fraudmarc | Atlanta, GA | Cyber security service aimed at protecting corporate identity.
  6. Landing Lion | Atlanta, GA | Landing pages for the modern marketer.
  7. MoQuality | Atlanta, GA | AI platform for mobile QA.
  8. TheMonetizr | Riga, Latvia | In-game monetization platform for merchandise purchases.
  9. Rapid RMS | Chattanooga, TN | Retail POS system for fuel service stations and convenience stores.
  10. Vlipsy | Canton, OH | Video clip soundboard.

TechStars is a Worldwide Network that helps entrepreneurs succeed through different avenues and partnerships. With applications from 42 different companies, Farmcrowdy is the only African company which was selected as part of TechStars’ accelerator program.