Kenya’s Sky Garden Is The Only African Startup Selected For Katapult Accelerator Program


Kenyan fintech startup SkyGarden has been selected as one of the 12 startups to take part in the Norway-based Katapult Accelerator thus making it the only African startup that will be attending.

The 12 startups from a variety of fields and backgrounds all use exponential technology to solve the grand challenges of the world. They were selected after reviewing 1,000 impact-focused start-ups from all over the world.

Anders H. Lier, the Chairman and co-founder of Katapult Accelerator said: “These start-ups are helping us see how we can use exponential technologies like artificial intelligence to improve the state of the world, the environment, education, health or other fields. We selected the start-ups based on their novel approach to using exponential technologies and for their potential to become successful businesses.”

The Katapult Accelerator kicked off on July 31st, 2017 in Oslo, Norway. The 12 startups will follow a unique and tailored three-month programme and curriculum. Katapult will help scale their innovations by mentoring, training and providing them with valuable support. Katapult Accelerator also provides a network of additional investors that can boost the startups in their next phase of development, including a partnership with the Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator (ERA) in New York City. Each start-up will also receive USD 100,000 as start-up capital.

The 12 selected startups are:

1. Agri Eye 
A Ukrainian company that will increase the efficiency of agriculture through a data tool.
2. Coders Trust
Danish-German company. Works with online education in programming for people in developing countries.
3. Chooose
A Norwegian company that helps individuals become climate neutral.
4. Impact Mapper
American Company. Develops an analysis tool for charitable organizations.
5. Bead
Turkish company that creates sensors that will help to streamline buildings.
6. Intel Flows
Danish-Baltic Company. A developer of public transport sensors to provide air quality information.
7. Needs List
American Company. Will provide an overview of emergency relief needs following humanitarian disasters.
8. Sky Garden
Danish company based in Kenya that has created an online trading platform for small and medium-sized businesses in Africa.
9. OTTA Project
Argentine company. Develops solutions for people with communication challenges.
10. Sensewaves
French company. Working with energy management in buildings.
11. SheKab
Pakistani company. A cooperation platform for women in Pakistan who has a risky travel to and from work.
12. Smart Plants
Earlier winner of Angel Challenge in Stavanger. The company is developing solutions to reduce energy consumption in buildings.