SystemSpecs Takes On Nigerian Banks With App That Allows Users to View Their Account Balances


Nigeria’s SystemSpecs has launched the full version of its Remita Mobile Application, for both Android and Apple phone users.

The innovative payment solution according to the firm is aimed at “helping individuals to access all their bank balances on one screen, conveniently make and receive payments across various bank accounts, settle various bills, request payment in style, easily manage their expenses, view their payslip, and generally stay in control of their finances.”

Mr John Obaro, the Managing Director of SystemSpecs said with the full release of Remita Mobile App on Google Play Store and Apple app store, more individuals can now take charge of their finances.

He stated that whether for a business or personal need, payments can be requested in the most convenient manner and shared by email or any social media channel, adding that all a payer has to do is to snap a QR code from their smartphone or tap their device against the biller’s to complete transactions.

“In addition to the features available on the app as at March of this year when it was released in beta version, users of Remita Mobile App will now enjoy a number of new features which would enable them to seamlessly make payments for others, view their payslip and manage their business and personal accounts with ease,” Obaro said.

He explained that rather than trying to compete with banks that have related applications for their customers, the company seeks to work together with the financial institutions to deliver the solution to their customers.

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“You see on your mobile phone today you have Gmail, Office email, Yahoo mail; all of them merged together are not necessarily competing. They’re not competing with your device.

“It’s to be able to work together. Working together, we mean that, as the banks want to satisfy their customers, every customer will love to have a kind of features which we have described together. So we will work with the banks to deliver this solution to their customers. All these things we have mentioned are not new,” he noted.

Obaro pointed out that using the app would attract a processing fee which would be shared with all the people in the entire value chain, adding that, they have agreed with the banks in that regard. He also noted that one of the objectives of the app is to reach more people including the informal sector.

The application has inbuilt standard industry security measures as well as specific security layers that guarantee the integrity of all access and transactions, including Personal Security Number, fingerprint authentication, One-Time Password Verification, among, others.