Solve digital parenting concerns using a parental control app


Although smartphones have become a primary source of attraction for kids these days but, you cannot just let your child own one without keeping an eye on their activities. Digital parenting concerns include pornographic content, dangerous digital apps, cyberbullying, sexting, online predators, gaming and screen addiction etc.

  1. The Need of Using a Parental Control App

Mobile phones are no longer limited to texting and calling friends and family, in fact, nowadays the mobile devices play the role of full-featured computers provided with an Internet connection. Your child can download several different apps and can explore a multitude of content on the web using their cell phones. With the increasing concerns regarding digital traps, more and more parents are adapting digital parenting.

Using a parental control app to keep kids safe online is extremely necessary. Children don’t often realize the consequences of their digital action until it is too late. But, when parents monitor their child’s digital conduct, they can identify the problematic behavior sooner and can assure their child’s safety. One such app is the FamilyTime App.

  1. How Does FamilyTime Help in Reducing Digital Concerns?

FamilyTime parental control app is programmed specially to help the concerned parents. It is a comprehensive app which brings to you every feature you require to protect your kids from digital traps. Want to see how it works? You can get the app from Google play store, iTunes or just by clicking the buttons below!

Here is a quick overview of the features provided by the FamilyTime parental control app. Have a look at what does the app offer to you and in what ways it can be beneficial!

    • Schedule auto screen lock: You can customize the screen time for all your children and can restrict them to use their smartphones only for a certain time period
    • Keep tabs on Digital Apps: You can view the apps installed along with their usage frequency and can even block those apps that are inappropriate according to your child’s age
    • Track Call Logs and Text Messages: You can get access to the call logs on your teen’s device and can monitor sent or received text messages on their mobile phones


  • Protect Kids from Vulgar Content: You can check the web-browsing history on your child’s device and can also see the frequently visited URLS along with the date and time stamps. This helps you analyze whether your child visited a certain inappropriate website on purpose or not


  1. Switch to Smart Parenting!

A parental control app is exceptionally helpful for parents who don’t want to deprive their kids of the modern technology but at the same time want to keep their kids protected from the threats of the Internet. Smart parenting is the best option for parents in this digital era. Happy Parenting!