Lagosity Aims To Become The Number One Online Business Directory In Nigeria’s Commercial City


There are uncountable service providers in Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial nerve centre. These service providers range from the skilled and unskilled. And getting professionals from both types of labour can be quite painstaking. This is because there are so many quacks masking as professionals.

You do not need to worry anymore about where to get verified service providers because Lagosity has debuted to provide a platform where you can request for any services you so desire.

Although there are quite a number of hubs and online directories where you can also get on-demand service providers, Lagosity is unique because you can find or discover uncountable services. You won’t be wrong if you describe it as an online business and information directory to search and order services in Lagos.

Launched this year, businesses, organisations, and individuals in Lagos can take advantage of the free classified ads section called Lagos List Marketplace to promote their goods and services, Ads, deals, offers post announcements and jobs, making all these information easily accessible to users.

Furthermore, Lagosity will make it easy for residents of Lagos, visitors and new residents, as well as people from any part of the world, to find businesses, government institutions, recreation centres, news, gist, offers, jobs, deals, and all other information about Lagos.

You can get information on service providers including food, baby clothing & accessories, business services, events and conferences, health and beauty, hotels, Legal, real estate, shopping and much more by simply visiting the website and searching for whichever service you want.