Will the Apple Watch 3 Change the Way We Game?


The Apple Watch was a huge deal when it was first released. It really was the first quality smart watch of its kind, and its sleek Apple design and customizable bands made it all the more appealing. However, the initial smart watch phase had a functionality problem.

Most smart watches, the Apple Watch included, basically amounted to fancy fitness trackers that you sometimes checked text messages on. We have seen some great advancements since then, but not nearly enough. However, the Apple Watch 3, set to launch later this year, could be the big jump the product needs to really become a mainstream necessity.

The big question, the one that will make the Apple Watch truly relevant, is whether or not it can be used for casual entertainment. Or, in other words, can it game?

New Design, Bigger Display?

The Apple Watch 3 will almost certainly have a new design, and that may come with a slightly larger face display. Part of the challenge in designing a smartwatch is balancing the size of the watch with functionality. The 42mm design of the Apple Watch is a little on the large side for watches, but perhaps a clever redesign could give us a few more millimeters to enjoy.

A larger display would make it easier to play games on the Apple Watch without squinting or holding it directly in front of your face.

Improved Battery Life

The original Apple Watch and Apple Watch 2 already had great battery life. Both models lasted between two and three days on a single charge, putting it at the top of the smart watch market in that regard. However, that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be better.

One of the rumors spreading about the Apple Watch 3 suggests there will be modest battery improvements, which means we could see the watch last for 4 or even 5 days. Could you imagine having a device that lasted almost a full week on one charge? Not only would it be less tedious to maintain, but it would also be ideal for people who love using it to play games.

Dedicated LTE Support

Smart watches with LTE isn’t a new thing. Samsung introduced it with the Galaxy Gear S2. However, Apple likes to do things in their own time to make sure they get it just right. It’s likely they have put it off this long so they can find a way to include LTE without sacrificing battery life.

The rumor mill is suggesting that the Apple Watch 3 will have LTE support, and that can only be a good thing for gamers. LTE support will allow players to finally connect with games that have leaderboards, chat options, or really any other kind of online feature. That greatly increases the amount of games one could potentially play on the Apple Watch 3.

Wider Support for Games

The Apple Watch has already seen a decent amount of support from mobile game developers, and the inclusion of LTE will likely expand that support. There are already some great games on Apple Watch, such as turn-based puzzler Best Fiends and Runeblade, a fantasy adventure created specifically for the Apple Watch, but we could always use more. Could you imagine what life would be like if we had great games like Candy Crush on our Apple Watch? Enjoyment of the device would exponentially improve, while productivity would undoubtedly plummet.

Quite a few developers have already jumped on board with the Apple Watch, and not just with games designed for the Apple Watch. Some online slots have also recently become playable on smartwatches, with Microgaming’s Thunderstruck II considered the first casino game available on Apple Watch. The online casino industry is known for its early adopter tendencies, and smartwatches are no exception. One of the reasons this happens is the intense competition between online casinos, which also bring no deposit bonuses and other attractive offers to the table.

Custom Gaming Bands

The Apple Watch 3 will supposedly support modular “smart bands” that come with their own unique features. There aren’t any other details on what these features are, but there will likely be some great options for Apple Watch gamers. For instance, what if one of these watches improved battery life or added additional storage to your Apple Watch? Both of those things are great options for someone who uses their Apple Watch to play games.

We Will Know Very Soon

The Apple Watch 3 will likely launch sometime this year, and it wouldn’t be surprising if it launched alongside the new iPhone. Those normally launch in September, so that’s probably when we can all expect to see the Apple Watch 3 and what it offers to gamers.