Uber Kenya launches new feature allowing multi picks & drop-offs en route


Uber has rolled out Multi Destinations – a new feature allowing riders to add multiple stops along their route to pick and drop a friend before or after a great night out or work meeting.

Not to be confused with UberPool, the new feature allows for multiple stops while on trip like stop one could be in CBD to pick up a friend, another in Westlands and another in Kilimani then Ngong Road as your real destination. The stops can be limited to a few minutes. Say three minutes in CBD, 5 minutes in Westlands and a minute in Kilimani then head off to your final destination on Ngong Road.

The Multi Destinations feature works simply. Riders tap the “+” button next to the “Where To” destination box to add stop(s) at any point before or during their trips. Riders can also add, change or remove a stop while on the go, all they need to do is to add, change or remove the destination from the on trip screen accessible on the app.

The pricing is updated as the new destinations are updated. The Multi- destinations feature also benefits the forward dispatch process as updated destinations will now be included in the forward dispatch process said the firm.

With cities across the world looking at solving the public transportation problem, carpooling is seen as the likely remedy to reduced traffic, petrol user and reduce carbon emissions to the environment. Uber’s own data from 2016 show that Uberpool eliminated over 21 million car miles and about 400,000 gallons of fuel and 3,800 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions. The introduction of this feature will make Uber more affordable, increase its volume of rides and if it succeeds; Kenyans might see less traffic on the road, the environment will be cleaner and there will reduced delays on the road.

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Here is how the feature works :