A New Job Board Is Connecting Employers and Recruiters with the Best Project Management Talents in Nigeria

Project management is one of the most sought after professions and project managers are one of the most sought after professionals in Nigeria and around the world.
However, employers and recruiters in Nigeria are finding it hard or challenging to search for and attract the best project management talents, both raw and experienced, to their organisations. And that’s why a new job board has been designed to help them solve those challenges.
CareerinPM is a project management recruitment and career development platform. The platform connects employers and recruiters with the best project management talents in Nigeria. The social startup is currently in beta and the founding team is working hard to make it the go-to platform for project management-related jobs in the country.
“The unstructured and unorganized nature of the recruitment industry in Nigeria is making it hard for companies to spot the best project management talents for the organisations. We want to help structure our recruitment industry properly and make it easy for employers and recruiters to spot great project management talents in the country. Our value proposition is lower cost-to-hire, higher quality-of-hire, and a simple to use but innovative recruitment platform,” says Jerry Ihejirika, Founder and Project Lead at CareerinPM.
Companies and startups experience higher project failures and lose more money when they don’t adopt best project management practices. And for them to adopt best project management practices, they need to have people with project management knowledge and skills in their project team. We have job candidates who are ready, willing and eager to join their project teams and take on that project management-oriented roles.”
Jerry’s own past inspired him to create the job site. While pursuing a bachelor’s degree in project management technology at the Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO), Imo State, he discovered that there’s a low level of awareness of the project management profession in Nigeria. He also noticed first-hand a lot of career challenges that project management students are passing through. In August 2013, he created a personal blog that was aimed at creating more awareness, promoting and advancing the best practices of project management in Nigeria and in Africa at large.
After graduating in 2013, Jerry also experienced first-hand the challenges of searching for a project management-related job with a BTech in Project Management Technology and with little or no project management experience. And that’s why CareerinPM is also offering career advice and career mentoring services for the young and aspiring project managers in Nigeria.
“The project management profession is dominated by ‘accidental’ project managers as they are often called. They are great project managers who first acquired experience in one particular field or the other and then decided to change career into project management. So, it was quite challenging for people like us who have a first degree in project management and with little or no project management experience. A lot of us were confused as to how to pursue a career in project management,” says Jerry. “However, through series of research and experience over the years, I discovered some career secrets that project management students in the university and recent graduates of the profession can use to plan and kick-start their project management careers without necessarily following the ‘accidental’ career path.”
CareerinPM is a niche job board. Job candidates can create a free candidate accounts, complete their profiles, write a good story that would help them stand out from other job candidates, build their digital resumes, upload their CVs, write their cover letters, and search for the best project management-related jobs or project management-oriented roles on the platform. They can even add a web link to their video resume and browse employers on the platform. “If we can help the young, aspiring and professional project managers in Nigeria to secure their dream jobs or internships in project management, we would help reduce the rate of unemployment in Nigeria,” says Jerry.
Employers and recruiters can also create free employer accounts, complete their profiles, upload their company logos, write a good story about their companies that would attract the right candidates, post unlimited amount of jobs for FREE, and attract the best project management talents to their organisations. “One of the reasons why a lot of employers are complaining of scarcity of project management talents is because there is no innovative platform where they can search for job candidates with project management knowledge and skills until now,” says Jerry.
People living outside the country who are interested to work in Nigeria can take advantage of the platform to search for their local jobs and internships in project, programme or portfolio management. Foreign companies that also want to set up a branch or office in the country can also use the platform to search for the best project management talents. And although the job site is new and in beta, it’s already beginning to help people find their dream jobs in project management.