iflix banks on smart pricing strategies to kill piracy, competition as it launches in Kenya

Iflix, Asia’s Internet TV service has launched in Kenya offering users a 30-day free trial via iflix’s website, www.iflix.com and unlimited access to thousands TV shows and movies across devices with no credit card required and no obligations unfettered about present competition from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Showmax.

With over 170 studio and distributor partnerships, iflix is promising subscribers the largest selection of iconic, critically acclaimed TV series and fan-favorite films both internationally and locally available in the region for a monthly retail subscription of only KSH 260. Netflix and Showmax are between KSH 1100 and KSH 600 respectively in the market.

With a population of over 48m people and over 39m internet users and over 5m Facebook users according to Internet World Stats, Iflix is set to make a kill especially if its price doesn’t change upwards after launch. However, just a presence of Internet users won’t help the firm acquire customers. The firm is focusing on its uniqueness.

“What makes Iflix different to other Internet TV Service providers is the great and intimate appreciation that we have for our consumers. From our content mix to our focus on localization- our consumers and their needs are key,” said Paul Coogan, iflix Kenya Country Manager.

At launch, Iflix subscriptions will include unlimited access to its vast library of thousands of first-run exclusive shows, TV series, blockbuster movies, local and regional content, children’s programs among others. Users can access iflix on up to 5 devices at once, including phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, TVs and other connected devices and they can download up to five TV shows and movies to any phone, tablet or mobile device to binge-watch offline, when not connected to the Internet.

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iflix users can hare their iflix subscription with family or friends and watch shows on two different devices at the same time. It’s too early to determine the firm’s success of failure at the moment but movie lovers seem excited about it.

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