Six Ways Autonomous Vehicles Will Benefit Africa


Self-driving cars are no doubt the future of the automobile industry. Although autonomous vehicles are yet to hit African roads, it has been tested and used severally in the US and other countries. In fact, the billions of dollars being spent on making self-driving cars a reality should even convince doubters that these cars will soon become a reality. Thus, whether we like it or not and even if a Deloitte Global Automotive Consumer study found that 47% of South African consumers desire limited self-driving technology, with 39% interested in full self-driving vehicles, self-driving cars are here to stay As such, we share some of the benefits of self-driving cars.

Fewer accidents

The leading cause of most automobile accidents today is driver error. Alcohol, drugs, speeding, aggressive driving, inexperience, slow reaction time, inattentiveness, and ignoring road conditions are all contributing factors. All this will be avoided if autonomous vehicles take over the roads.

Reduced traffic congestion

One of the leading causes of traffic gridlock is self-centred behaviour among drivers. It has been shown when drivers space out and allow each other to move freely between lanes on the highway, traffic continues to flow smoothly, regardless of the number of cars on the road. Perhaps, this will be a perfect solution for the traffic imbroglio major African capitals like Nairobi, Lagos, Cairo, Addi Ababa, Kigali, Accra, and Johannesburg.

Lower fuel consumption

With car-to-car communications systems enabled, self-driving cars would know the next action of the cars in front of them. Consequently, the road will be free and as a result, car owners will spend less on fuel. In fact, it has been rumoured that some of the autonomous vehicles may not need fuel but batteries.

Improved productivity

With you not driving your car, you can focus on work and other things on your way to work. This will definitely boost your productivity.  Thus, you will be able to finish up a project, type a letter, monitor the progress of your kid’s schoolwork, return phone calls, take phone calls safely and enjoy the ride.

Better mobility for children, elderly, and disabled

If you are visually impaired, can’t walk, or you’re older, self-driving cars can ease the burden of transportation for you considerably. So, the aforementioned people can get to work just as easily as sighted people.

Little or no presence of traffic officers

If every car is plugged into the grid and driving itself, then speeding,—along with stop sign and red light running will be eliminated. The traffic officer will become redundant and have little or nothing to do.