Nigeria’s Holla Cab raises undisclosed cash as a war chest weeks before Kenya’s Little enters Lagos

Founded by Edward Essien, Ken Nwogbo and Charles Okoronkwo, Holla Cab, an On Demand Taxi Hailing company has announced that it’s set to launch its services in Lagos, Nigeria to allow anyone hail a cab from their smartphones instantly in a few weeks time.

The Holla Cab app is launching in a market which is now served by Uber, Saytaxi, Taxify, Oga Taxi and several others such as SmartCab, Red Cab, MyCabMan and Afro. Kenya’s Little also recently announced it’s set to launch with over 5000 driver partners in the market in a move set to change the Lagos taxi market for good on both pricing and convenience.

According to Holla Cab CEO, Edward Essien, “Nigerians would begin to enjoy the most affordable, safe and easily available on demand taxi hailing services. This app is a win-win and we understand this market. We are about to change the face of On Demand Taxi Hailing Services in Nigeria and Africa.”

Holla Cab Services will initially roll out in Lagos in a few weeks time then eventually expand across the country early next year. Holla seems to be banking on what everyone else is banking on when they launch-being local and treating partners well- but unfortunately every other firm says so at launch but quickly moves back into capitalism and profit maximization forgetting about driver concerns and their working conditions. However, if Holla Cab is serious on empowering drivers then this could be a win-win situation for both the company and the driver partners.

On launch, Holla Cab Services is promising free rides for its users in Nigeria. The firm is working with more partners to deliver what it says would be the best-of-breed and reliable solutions and services to the Nigerian market.

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