Tulaa mobile marketplace launches to enable farmers access inputs, finance, info & markets



Tulaa, is a new mobile commerce business set to enable farmers to access inputs, finance, information and markets in a virtual marketplace.

The platform is incubated by Ghana’s Esoko in a move to enable farmers to save and borrow to purchase inputs, receive tailored agronomic advice, and market their crops at harvest time.

Headquartered in Kenya and led by Hillary Miller-Wise, the former CEO of Esoko, Tulaa will focus on growing its market share in Ghana and Kenya initially and eventually expanding into other markets.

Tulaa has a virtual marketplace, a lay-wallet, quality inputs, access to affordable credit, tailored agricultural extension services and call centre support. Farmers use the platform for inputs, increase sales via the m-commerce platform and build brand and customer loyalty.

Financial institutions can use Tulaa to increase loan portfolio among smallholder farmers, lower risk through partnerships with agribusinesses on the platform and increase accessĀ  to valuable data for credible risk assessment while NGOs and Co-ops can use the platform to empower farmers with access to inputs and finance, support farmers to plan better and increase yields and enable fast and secure payments to farmers via mobile money.

For commodity buyers, the platform can help them aggregate and source quality produce at lower cost, reduce cash handling risk via mobile money payments and build loyalty among their smallholder suppliers.

Charlotte Ward, Chairman of the Board of Esoko Networks said Esoko Networks Ltd. will continue to support Tulaa as a shareholder.