Nigeria’s Banta launches to help users anonymously share secrets, experiences & pain points


Developed by Mark Afolabi’s Whitespace, Banta App is a mobile app and a social interaction platform designed and developed in order to enable users anonymously share and express opinions, experiences, ideas and just about anything on their minds.

The app’s sole aim of making your current and past experiences known to the general public without the fear of stigmatization. Unlike Sarahah app which was intended to help users receive honest feedback from friends and employees but turned out to b exposing people’s contacts, Banta app, which is currently in beta, is an anonymous social interacting platform allowing users to engage with others and learn about how people handled a similar situation from interactions on the platform.

The app also allows one to build a community for continuous feedback from them. We are not sure how the firm aims to make money out of it but like other social networks,  Banta might make money from advertisement, premium personal and company pages or commissions on classifieds deals if it decides to go that route.

WhiteSpaces on the other was launched to bridge the gap in the quality of online education and access and give kids and youth in underserved communities new opportunities to learn and acquire the skills that are essential to succeed in modern society regardless of their backgrounds.

It has a free plan that allocates free monthly data to users on a monthly basis, this data would be capped, and allows upgrade for paid plans, while affordable paid plans will provide unlimited data to user for between N1,500 to N2,000 monthly.