Kenya’s Digiskool raises $50,000 from UK’s East Africa Investments to expand across East Africa


Digiskool, a school management system which takes away the hustle of information management, and digitizes a school by bringing together core and auxiliary function together in a seamless and functional way has raised $50,000 from UK’s East Africa Investments to expand across East Africa.

Developed by Kenya’s BigBrainz Solutions, Digiskool automates administrative tasks and enhances collaboration between parents, teachers, students and other key stakeholders in the education sector.

The platform also manages fee collection and receipting and helps parents track their child(ren) performance and other activities. The firm says the system delegates roles to various users hence making school management effective, efficient and harmonized thus ensuring there is no discrepancies and inconsistencies. Teaching Staff can submit examination results for analysis through their individual account,access their daily lessons and view their individual lesson plans and timetables.

The software as a service platform aims to ease administrative functions such as school finances and accounting, teacher and student performance analysis, comprehensive grading system, role assignments, staff management, school calendar of events, automated timetabling, budget and control.

Digiskool charges between Ksh10,000/ month to KSH 30,000 depending on the number of students a school has. Digiskool also raised Ksh 2m cash from KCB LIONS DEN. Digiskool is part of EFI Hub incubator working with startups in India and Africa.