Office for Mac 2016 review


Mac users have no reason not to use the new Office 2016 for Mac as it allows them to create, polish, and share beautiful and professional documents with ease at work or at home.

Office 2016 for Mac users can also tabulate, or analyze and visualize numbers in Excel and turn them into insights using familiar keyboard shortcuts, formulas and autocomplete. On the other hand, PowerPoint for Mac allows them to create multimedia presentations and display their ideas with confidence. Outlook is also available for office emails.

Generally, the new office suite is user friendly and easy to use across Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and Publisher. In addition, it has a new great interface.

New Design and interface

Software is about design and interface. For this particular one, it’s stunning – be it in Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Outlook, especially when compared to its Windows counterpart . Each app in Office for Mac 2016 has a unique and colorful theme – for example, the top header for open documents comes in different colors – blue for Word, green for Excel etc. It actually makes it easy differentiating between many open documents which are in different file formats.

Did I mention the retina display? It beautifies everything. The Retina display makes all photos and videos look sharp and crystal clear. If you are meticulous and have an eye for detail then this is something that will immediately catch your attention. It’s mind blowing.

New Improved Ribbon Interface

Its new ribbon interface is different from other suites. The ribbon is the toolbar that has got all your commands and controls clustered into different categories like the (Home, Insert, Design, Page Layout, View etc.) like what you find in the Windows version of Office.

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It gives you a user friendly and easy access to all the tools you want to use. So far, this is the best office suite that I have experienced. It’s definitely less cluttered – all task panes appear inline on the right side of a document’s window when you need them – how brilliant is that!!

New app features

I can’t really exhaust all its app features with one single post but could highlight a few.   You can now have multiple users at different computers from different places working on the same document together in real time. You can actually see what each user is doing and collaborate no matter the device (Mac, iPad, or just your personal computer) you are on.

Threaded comments are another great feature. Just like in Facebook. When you reply to a comment your reply appears inline below the original comment making it very easy to see what you are replying to.

For Excel, an interesting feature I liked is Recommended charts, Excel will suggest which chart style best matches the data you are inputting unlike the other Windows office suites where you literally have to select the kind of chart you want for your date. Isn’t this awesome?

Office for Mac is available in the market and at affordable prices for both individuals, SMEs and corporate firms. See more Office for mac details here.