Subscription video hosting platform Uscreen wants to allow you to sell your videos online


Launched in 2012, subscription video platform Uscreen aims to allow users to easily sell videos online as if they are setting up their own Netflix or Showmax platforms.

Terming itself as the first online video platform combining powerful billing systems alongside branded native apps, Uscreen allows individuals and businesses to launch and monetize their own branded video services globally

According to founder and president PJ Taei, Uscreen powers over 1,000 customers worldwide allowing them to sell branded videos online with monthly subscription or premium membership.

Based out of their headquarters in Washington DC, Uscreen allows users to upload their videos or native apps, set up billing over the subscription engine, get access to marketing and community tools and easy to use in-depth analytics.

“Uscreen exists to enable anyone to sell videos online,” said PJ Taei, founder and president Uscreen. “It is a third-party video hosting service that securely hosts videos, allowing all the flexibility and none of the hassle of building a video website.”

“Uscreen provides the ultimate personalized video-distribution platform, offering anyone the opportunity to build a professional website and start making money,” Taei added.

Unlike platforms such as YouTube which only allow creators to earn from advertisements, Uscreen guarantees an easy, passive income source from their video content. As an online video distribution business model, users need only to define the purpose of their video content, who they want to target and what makes them unique from the free videos online. So you have to be an expert in your field or just an entrepreneur or trainer ready to monetize your content.

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From comedians, fitness gurus, entertainers to educators, Uscreen says it has over 1000 customers selling their videos online.

According to the firm, one big customer is Magic Stream, an online training center for aspiring magicians currently generating about $50,000 a month from its 4,000 plus subscribers paying just $13/mo. While generates $35,000/month in sales using Uscreen to teach anyone how to swim. has over 3,000 subscribers in less than 6 months after leaving Youtube to Uscreen to monetize content. Tawzerdog.comĀ generates over 100K selling dog training videos online.

Taei says Uscreen is 100% royalty and commissions free, which users get to keep 100% of your profits as long as you pay a set monthly fee. Uscreen packages start at just $99/month with 24/7 support and users can add documents and pictures to their videos or programs.





“Whether you want to distribute and sell videos, podcasts, offer quizzes & certifications, Uscreen protects your content and gives you the tools you need to build a powerful members base of paying customers with integrated billing and payment systems,” Taei says adding that Uscreen also offers powerful integrations with Sales Force, Shopify and other major platforms.