Bitkoin Africa is a bitcoin exchange based in Nigeria to help you trade in bitcoin


Bitkoin Africa is Person-to-Person bitcoin trading platform allowing users to sell and buy bitcoin from other users.

Founded by Timi Ajiboye, the Lagos based platform aims to cater to Nigerians in Nigeria who are interested in trading bitcoin.

“With Bitcoin Africa , you can now buy and sell as much Bitcoin as you want, at whatever price you want, securely and conveniently. You can buy with your Debit cards (Visa or MasterCard) and when you sell, you get paid directly into your bank account,” Ajiboye posted on Twitter.

Bitkoin Africa aims to be different by allowing users to buy, sell, store or transfer Bitcoin – as conveniently and quickly as possible. Timi says users are assured of instant settlements on all trades, without the need to communicate with corresponding buyers or sellers. This makes us the only Bitcoin exchange platform to bring instant payments and settlements on all Bitcoin trades to Africa.

The platform provides secure Bitcoin Wallets, offers escrow services for traders allows various payment methods using Paystack. Users buy or sell bitcoin by creating or responding to Trade Postings or ads such as ads seen in classified platforms with users able to create Trade Postings indicating how much they are willing to buy or sell among others.

Bitkoin Africa, through its escrow services ensures that users don’t need to interact with each other during transactions to avoid fraud. The platform also hosts all bitcoins traded on the platform in the in-house bitcoin wallet.

“We act as the middleman in all transactions, thereby protecting the parties involved in a trade from fraud,” says Timi. “Each Bitkoin Africa account comes with a bitcoin wallet that enables users store, receive and send bitcoin. Bitkoin Africa transactions are carried out online and are facilitated by users’ Nigerian bank accounts or Naira debit cards.”