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TSTV Africa launches with juicy offers and unbelievably low subscription prices in Nigeria to rival other satellite TV

As Nigeria celebrated her 57th year of Independence on the 1st day of October, 2017, a new satellite TV which goes by the name Telcom Satellites Television (TSTV in short) was also officially launched.

TSTV Africa was founded by a Nigerian by the name of Bright Echefu (@echefubright on Twitter). Bright is also the Managing Director and CEO of TSTV Africa. The satellite television company was founded in partnership with Asia Broadcast Satellite (ABS) which has it’s headquarters in Hamilton, Bermuda.

The collaboration of the two companies will see TSTV provide Satellite-to-Home TV services to Nigerians at an unbelievable price that no satellite TV in the country has ever proposed. For as low as two hundred naira (NGN 200), subscribers of TSTV can have access to over 200 channels of different categories ranging from Sports, to Entertainment, Religion, Kids, Music, Movies, Lifestyle, Fashion, News and many more.

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In addition to providing access to TV channels, TSTV offers complementary services and bonus like free WiFi and up to 20 GB of data which can be used for video streaming and more. Also, TSTV decoders comes with 50GB of built-in memory to record and store live TV shows and program. TSTV also supports pause and play as well as rewinding of live broadcasts.

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TSTV comes at a critical period when the prices of other rival satellite TV have snowballed unreasonably. Satellite TVs like DSTV, StarTimes Africa, GoTV, and HiTV are companies that TSTV will be battling against in the battle for relevance and dominance in the Nigerian Satellite TV market.

However, being a company owned  by a Nigerian, the Nigerian Government have announced plans to foster rapid development of the Echefu Bright-managed TV company. The Federal Government of Nigeria have announced that TSTV as a company and its investors will enjoy a tax holiday of up to 3 years. Also, shareholders will also enjoy tax-free dividends for a 3-year period.

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This development can be attributed to the fact that TSTV is in alignment of President Muhammadu Buhari’s movement to promote the growth and development of home-based (Nigeria-owned) companies.

The services of TSTV is presently available in 22 countries across Nigeria and in the coming months, all states in the region should have access to TSTV. There are also plans to expand to other countries across Africa in the nearest future.

Learn more about TSTV on the TV network’s official website,

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