Tanjalo.com, a Lagos-based bitcoin trading platform launches to power borderless payments


Nigeria’s Tanjalo, is a new bitcoin exchange promising to allow anyone in Nigeria to buy or sell bitcoin in Nigeria.

The trading platform also promises to power cross-border money transfer across West Africa and increase access to cryptocurrencies in the region according to its founder Tim Akinbo.

Like its predecessor BitKoin Africa, the trading platform will see users buy bitcoin and other digital currencies online in exchange with Naira. The Lagos-based firm wants to simplify money transfer between countries in Africa and from the US to Africa through use of his bitcoin trading platform.

Bitkoin Africa is a person-to-Person bitcoin trading platform allowing users to sell and buy bitcoin from other users and is also based in Lagos, Nigeria. Bitkoin Africa founder Timi Ajiboye, said Bitkoin Africa aims to be the continent’s most secure payments and settlement platform with a secure Bitcoin Wallet. Through its escrow services Bitkoin Africa aims to make sure there is no fraud during transactions.