This girl wants to connect startup founders and mentors from around the world virtually


Mentorat-Club, a platform that aims to help startups to easily access mentorship and knowledge has launchedmake experience and knowledge easily accessible for Startups by collaborating Startup founders with mentors all around the World. With Mentorat-Club, Startups can leverage on the experience of mentors to accelerate their growth and avoid common pitfalls.

See below how it works.

For startups

1- Create an account.

2- Register your startup.

2- Search mentors.

3- Send mentoring request.

4- Start mentoring relation.

5- Follow your favorite users and Startups.

For mentors

1- Register

2- Request to become a Mentor.

3- Fill your profile by adding your area of expertise and experience.

4- Within 24 hours we study your request and validate it, to check if it meets our criteria.

5- After validation you have the possibility to receive mentoring requests.

6- Start the mentoring relationship.

7- Follow favorite users and startups.

TechMoran talked to Hadjara Idriss on why she founded Mentorat-Club and why entrepreneurship is so important to African youth today.

Briefly tell us more about yourself-where you were born, went to school and worked.

My name is Hadjara Idriss, I was born in Jos, Nigeria. I graduated from Secondary School in Mali and proceed for a Bachelor’s Degree in University of ESGIS, Republic of Benin. I worked as a freelancer for some companies for a few months then I decided to start working on my startup called Mentorat-Club.

Hadjara Idriss

At what point in your life did you feel like you needed to stop other things and start Mentorat-Club?

At the end of my Master’s degree in Software Architecture and my training with WHISPA (Women High Impact Startup Preparation Academy) on Digital Skill, I decided to focus on Mentorat-Club. I believe if there is an opportunity for Startups to have access to mentors to guide them through this journey and share there experience with Startups, it will make them achieve success in no time and even be as a source of inspiration to both parties.

Why is mentorship important in business and life in general?

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Mentorship is important for many reasons:

  1. Guidance – having an experienced person to learn from and to guide you through.
  2. Accountability – being fully accountable to someone to reach your goals.
  3. Support – knowing that there is someone who deeply loves and cares for your Start-up.

Have you ever benefited from mentorship yourself?

When I started with Mentorat-Club, at a point I get confused on how to face some challenges like how to approach customers and how to go about with the MVP. I had to make Entrepreneurs at TEKXL my mentors and they were able to help me through that phase which helped me to find a way to launch my MVP. Their mentorship didn’t end there, it still continues till date and all thanks to them for making this a dream come through.

How do you aim to reach out to people who need mentorship?

We use Social media, Blogs and Email Marketing to reach out to our target audience. 

What are challenges of running a business as a woman in Africa and as a Muslim?

As a woman the main challenge is always from the family, they didn’t see things from my own perspective just because they don’t understand my mission. I’m a Christian, but I do not think religion is really a challenge, the challenge came from an angle that I’m an entrepreneur. Whether you’re a man or a woman is complicated, but I think as a woman it’s much more complicated with loved ones.

What are your numbers so far?

We currently have more than 584 users, including 97 startups and 47 mentors. More than 150 relationships mentors & mentees.

How do you make money out of the platform?

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At the moment everything is free but we working on a revenue stream and I think the success of Mentorat-Club should be the main aim for now because we’re still growing.  

Any new things we should expect from you or Mentorat-Club in the next year or two?

By next year, Mentorat-Club will launch a more improved version and probably another Startup which will be integrated with Mentorat-Club.

Why is entrepreneurship so important in Africa today?

Entrepreneurship the best way to develop Africa which can effectively create more jobs for the youth. Africa is the best place to start business and invest today because there is a huge market filled with diversified opportunities.

What were your biggest challenges and how did you solve them?

Building the product was the first challenge, making people use it was the most difficult part. People didn’t trust us at the beginning. They were afraid of sharing their information with us. But my mentors helped me to establish and execute a marketing plan which helped us to gain users trust which is very important in any business.