InfoTrade in Kenya Web Portal Officially Launched to Ensure Cross Border Trade Efficiency

Traders in Kenya stand to benefit from increased efficiency following launch of which has consolidated more than 120 documents and procedures required for import and export business in Kenya on one online platform.

The portal is estimated to serve at least 1.5 million users per month and consolidates 73 documents under exports, 52 under imports and one under transits (cross border trade) thus ensuring a shorter period in the export and import processes. The portal is in line with Article 1 of WTO Trade Facilitation agreement which requires member states to publish their trade procedures online, displaying them step-by-step, with contact information on enquiry points, access to forms and other required documents and all relevant trade and customs laws.

KenTrade implemented the portal with financial support of approx. US$ 498, 000 from United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through TradeMarkEA. United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) provided technical assistance.

The InfoTrade Kenya portal was intended to increase access to information on international trade procedures and regulations, cut back unwarranted penalties resulting from documentation errors and enhance trade efficiency.

For traders, the portal will enable you to access all the relevant documentation requirements for imports and/or exports of your respective commodities from the comfort of your office or place of business.

The portal provides the current, potential traders and other stakeholders with total transparency on rules and procedures pertaining to import and export formalities, through detailed, practical and up-to-date descriptions of steps to go through, as seen from the user’s point of view to assist them to make informed business decisions.

The InfoTrade Kenya Portal together with the Kenya Trade Net System (National Electronic Single Window System) would provide an end to end solution on regulatory and documentation requirements in the country and to streamline and simplify trade processes for the business community.

The portal provides a concise summary of foreign trade processes, repository of trade related laws, regulations, acts and legislations. Has succinct responses to queries made by traders on compliance issues, empowers traders and investors with prior information to comply with regulatory requirements for importation and exportation of goods.

Traders are able to perform all trade procedures with fewer time consuming interactions and provides a step by step guide on foreign trade procedures, curbing and reducing the chances corruption.

The portal boosts Kenya’s efforts to become a globally competitive player, provides a trader’s point of view of foreign trade processes, assists government agencies to evaluate and simplify their trade related processes, fosters transparency in trade processes and improve ease of doing business by bridging the information gap on trade processes.