IROKOtv launches its offline kiosks in Kenya in a pan-African expansion drive


After announcing it in September, IROKOtv is finally launching its kiosks across Nairobi Kenya and will over the next few weeks increasingly go live across the city in its pan-African expansion drive.

In a blog post, Jason Njoku, founder and CEO IROKO said, “The big strategy for IROKOtv has been the shift from focusing on the international business and finally the big development spend on the Africa business. We are still very early but over the next five years we expect Africa to represent 99% of our subscriber base and the vast majority of our revenues.”

IROKOtv kiosks in Nairobi (Source IROKOtv)

After Ghana and Kenya, IROKO aims to launch in Uganda and Zambia where it’s already kicked off payment integration and is doing some marketing. Njoku believes expanding to city states is way better than expanding across Nigeria because of the population’s purchasing power in the reportedly tier 1 cities.

The cities have populations which have smartphones and are able to pay for content  as  nearly 80% of GOtv’s 2.981m subscribers are in Johannesburg, Lagos, Accra Nairobi, Kampala and Lusaka.The populations also have a strong affinity for Nollywood and most of the markets have a developed mobile money payments solutions.

Tier 1 cities (source IROKOtv)

In 2018, IROKOtv says it aims to start its journey of proving the most affordable SVOD in Africa as well as a focus on building an educated consumer base across the continent.

IROKOtv will have local teams working with the kiosk partners to help double up its user numbers, sign up new local partnerships and increase revenues.

Speaking to TechMoran earlier Njoku said, “Education and engagement worked really well in Nigeria. We believe that is the path to building a robust, long term subscription community across tier 1 African cities. This is why we’re looking to grow our presence in Kenya and Ghana over the coming months, to ensure we can connect better with our Nollywood communities across the continent.”

IROKOtv says its singular focus now is to reduce losses whilst growing revenue and move into a cash positive territory. Though IROKOtv generates  less than 30 percent of IROKO’s revenues, Njoku says she remains the growth driver for the future.

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