7 young creatives shortlisted for the $10,000 inCcelerate Fellowship in Uganda

New Ugandan startup accelerator ‘inCcelerate’ by enStartup has released the finalists for its first ever inCcelerate Cohort, a full-time 3 month fellowship opportunity that will enable finalists to become enMembers, where they will work with other smart and talented enMembers and get to refine their skills.

The seven inCcelerate startups will be taken through prototyping, modeling and tinkering.

The finalists are; Joshua Wegoye, Mubadi Mercy, Joshua Mulwana, Munyambabazi Daniel, Edna Yvonne, Hassan Kanja and Ecweru Rodney

“We are investing in individuals who are starting ventures on a pathway to solving relevant problems, and planning for scale, where we shall use a modification of our ‘model’ in our design as inCcelerate prioritizes investing in people and the relentless pursuit of a startup venture growth.

We were impressed with both the quality and breadth of applicants for the accelerator. We believe it’s the right time to jumpstart and disrupt innovation,” said founder Moris Atwine.

Uganda is excelling in innovation by Africa and perhaps World standards but not bringing these innovations in technology to commercial level, and the accelerator says it believes it has a major role to play. It’s therefore building an ecosystem that will enable it to constantly deliver.

The accelerator intends to build a community not just a workplace, and eventually provide an environment for continuous engagement to refine the ecosystem, working to increase the capacity of these startups to collaborate, create avenues for multi-directional learning, both formal and and informal and also create a space where constructive feedback is welcomed.

enStartup will be investing a minimum of 10,000 USD into the startups formed during the fellowship. The first cohort kicks off on the 15th of January till April 14th 2018!

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