wants to be an alternative to Coinbase

Digital currencies are in vogue today and have a promising future ahead. For trading in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin; an investor needs to register for an account with a digital currency exchange platform. If you ask any of the cryptocurrency enthusiasts regarding the best online exchange platform for digital currencies; a majority of them will speak out the name ‘Coinbase,’ which provides the investors a secure, safe and reliable place to trade with cryptocurrencies.

But due to the recent rise in cases of service outages with Coinbase; people are searching for a good Coinbase alternative. Many alternative exchanges are available but the one which stands out among all is – An Automated Forex Trading Solution. provides its users an invulnerable, safe, risk-free, reliable and a simple platform for trading in digital currency which makes it a better alternative to Coinbase as compared to other options available.

Why Prefer

  • is a perfect solution for those who are new to trading or for those who don’t have much time to manually analyze the market for best trading options. ROFX is based on neural networks and a perfect trade is placed automatically and immediately for you by a Forex Robot based on inbuilt trading algorithms which don’t require any kind of human interference.
  • ROFX even give its users a provision of ‘cover losses’ guarantee. They also have a reserve fund to cover any negative aspects of trading. So you won’t lose your money and it is completely safe and secure with the platform.  
  • The programmers and the Artificial Intelligence together have complete knowledge about the best trading practices. Moreover, the AI has the ability to learn and continuously specialize in trading strategies.

How Is A Healthy Alternative To Coinbase?

  • First and foremost thing which makes a platform viable for trading is a strong customer support. has a team of experienced professionals behind the scenes to help with any kind of trading or technical issue which you might face. Queries are resolved in a friendly and supportive manner.
  • If you are new to the cryptocurrency market or don’t want to spend a major part of the day analyzing the markets; then there is no other option as good as ROFX for you. The trading algorithms running behind the virtual stage immediately takes you to the position of top-level trading. So the whole process becomes really simple as you don’t require any kind of prior experience to start trading with the help of the unique and efficient platform of ROFX.
  • This one of its kind platform also provides its users with the facility of same-day bitcoin exchange.

There is a long list of advantages of using over Coinbase for trading in digital currency. However, all cannot be covered in a single post. So my dear friends, now no more waiting for involving yourself into trading. Just hop on your seat, switch on your computer and get into top gear immediately with at your side.

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