Moot App wants to change the face of shopping in Kenya with new rewards loyalty system



Moot, a new location-based shopping app for mobile that rewards shoppers just for visiting stores, is set to launch in Kenya to allow shoppers to start earning rewards – simply by visiting retailers who want their business.

The app rewards users every time they simply walk into participating stores with the Moot app open. It detects a “Moot Signal” coming from the moot device located in each participating store, and because the detection occurs on the user’s phone, the privacy of presence information is completely under the user’s control.

Once a Moot Signal is detected, the app delivers reward points called “Moots” to the user simply for walking through the door. Moots can be collected across all partner stores.

Other shopper-related benefits of the moot app include collecting moots by scanning a barcodes, receiving special offers, for example, a discount on specific products and earning moots from every retailer and redeem them at any partner retailer.

According to David Olilo, founder & CEO Moot Systems & Technologies, “Mobile has become the most important marketing medium for brick and mortar retailers. The smartphone provides a new and necessary opportunity for retailers to add rewarding, interactive experiences to their stores.”

Olilo says the role of stores has changed due to online and mobile shopping, and in this new ecosystem, brick and mortar retailers have to embrace mobile technology as a means of remaining relevant. Moot is seeking to help retailers personalize the shopping experience, to create additional incentives to shop in-store and to make shopping in the physical world wonderful again.

The app rewards shoppers for the shopping they already do and will also serve to create a communication channel between consumers and brands, which was traditionally impossible. The team also say, the app would be the ability to bridge a consumer’s shopping experience from “couch to store,” educating shoppers on products prior to their shopping and then giving them incentives to interact with those products in-store

The points-driven rewards loyalty program works with both retailers and brands. Using their smartphones, members earn moots (points currency) that are redeemable for rewards at its Rewards Mall, accessed on the app. Rewards range from gift cards to movie tickets, services etc.

Moot links mobile technology with physical retail (brick-and-mortar) to make shopping an interactive experience. It has added a new spin to reward programs because members may earn moots without spending money. It is the ultimate “get something for nothing” pitch to consumers. The goal is to encourage members to visit partner stores and interact with products, turning browsing into buying by motivating members to make in-store purchases.

Moot requires that partner merchants install a small sized ‘moot signal’ transmitter next to the store’s entrance. When the moot app is open, the smartphone’s will pick up the transmitter’s signal.

The firm is working with retailers, restaurants, brand products and financial partners by enabling members to interact with these brand products through “scans” (ie, scanning the product’s barcode in-store) to learn about the products and thereby be rewarded with moots.

No cards required as members need only a smartphone to participate. Members can earn moots for rewards they would not normally receive at a variety of well-known retailers.

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