8 Reasons Your Business Needs a Mobile App

The business world is more competitive than ever before. No matter what sector you work in, you will be facing increased pressure and competition from all sides. In this fast-paced, ruthless environment, you need every advantage you can secure over your rivals.

There are very few businesses who haven’t yet come around to realising the necessity of having a website. In today’s world, it is unthinkable for a business to not have an online presence, but far too many are using a social media profile in place of a fully functioned website. These two things are not the same, they are both tools with a different purpose. A mobile app is another tool, one which can potentially do a great deal for a business.

Mobile apps allow businesses to target otherwise hard to reach demographics, namely millennials, and makes it easy to use technology in order to get them paying attention to your business. Apps are one of the most effective ways of marketing to a large audience, and they also give customers new ways to interact with your business and allow you to score maximum ROI.

Here are 8 of the best reasons to have a mobile app developed for your business:

Boost Sales

When used to their full potential, apps provide one of the best ROIs of any marketing technique. There is more than one way of using an app to make more money, and different businesses should approach the problem differently. Some apps make money directly, either by charging for the app itself or by charging for purchases within the app. If your business offers any kind of online shopping service to customers, then an app is the perfect way of extending its reach; if customers are able to order products while away from their computer then this is bound to increase sales.

Mobile apps are also increasingly being used to enhance the in-store experience for shoppers. For example, some supermarkets now allow shoppers to scan products as they pick them off the shelves, and then simply scan their phones at the checkout in order to pay.

Raise Visibility

We are all spending more time on our smartphones and online than ever before. Our phones are playing an ever-increasing role in the way that we shop for a variety of products and services. Online retail giants such as eBay and Amazon now see a significant portion of their online sales coming through their mobile apps. They offer consumers a level of convenience that was previously unthinkable. Both Amazon and eBay also act as platforms on which individuals and small businesses can sell their products. This is a great way to build your reputation as a business, as this in turn will attract more people to your app.

In order to make your business’ app work to its full potential, you will need to extend its appeal beyond your core customer base. Designing an app which can link up in some way to users’ social media accounts is a great way of encouraging them to spread the word about your app.

For the best chance of success, it is worth having your app produced by professional mobile app developers such as the UK based Mobile App Developers the-app-developers.co.uk. They have a great understanding of user expectations and help you meet them making them an ideal choice.

Customers Prefer Mobile

2017 marked 10 years since the unveiling and release of the first iPhone. Prior to the arrival of these consumer-friendly smartphones, and the accompanying 3G mobile network, shopping on a mobile phone was, at best, impractical. Since then however, customers have shown a clear preference for using their mobile devices whenever they can. The convenience of being able to order items on the go, and not having to be sat at a computer, is something that no other technology can beat.

Engage with Your Customers

There is a myriad of ways that an app can be used in order to connect more with your customer base. For example, your app can act as a platform through which you can push update notifications to users as a means of keeping them informed about developments in your business. You can also use the app to deliver digital coupons or special app-only offers to users. This allows you to run large scale promotions without having to spend nearly as much money as you’d usually need to.

Gain Insight into Your Customers

Data is a very powerful tool for any modern business who knows how to use it. Businesses, both large and small, generate huge amounts of data as part of their day to day operations. In most cases, this data is left sitting on a hard drive somewhere and is never able to do any good. By using data analytics, it’s possible to gain unprecedented insight into customer behaviour and make reliable predictions about the future. The only obstacle is collecting the data to be analysed.

Mobile apps allow you to gather huge amounts of data and to track every movement that users make when navigating through your services. It is worth hiring the services of a data analytics firm who can help you in interpreting any data that you manage to collect.

Improve the User Experience

If an app has been designed properly, then using it should be much easier and more intuitive than trying to navigate through a website. Apps are designed to be operated on a touchscreen, and no matter what the specific functions of your app, it should always be made with consideration for the touchscreen app. Improving the experience for the user requires an app that considers both form and function in its design. An app with lots of great, but hard to use, features, or an app that is poorly designed, won’t improve the experience for the user, in fact it may hinder it.

Showcase New Products

Launching a new product is expensive. It’s not just the costs of designing and producing the product that drains finances, the new product also has to be advertised and explained to consumers. Often it is these latter costs which comprise a much larger chunk of the overall budget than most businesses would like. A mobile app is the perfect platform for informing existing users about new products, therefore reducing your marketing costs. You will still need to sell your product to new consumers of course, but as long as you can generate enough interest that people download your app, you can then push them information about your new products. An app allows you to be much more thorough in the information that you give to users. An app is also interactive, something that you can’t achieve with other marketing mediums.

Stay One Step Ahead

Despite the many opportunities that mobile apps offer to businesses, many have been slow to realise the potential. This means that a mobile app can still make all the difference when you are competing against other businesses.

Mobile apps have enormous potential for helping businesses to drive up business and raise awareness about their business. It is well worth the time and money required to outsource development of the app to a reputable and professional development team. If your business isn’t already offering a mobile app to users, then you should seriously consider the value it might add.

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